Gay Sons and Mothers | Highlighting the special bond between gay boys and their mothers.
Gay Sons and Mothers
The emotional relationship between gay sons and their mothers has been pathologized, idealized… and, surprisingly, largely unexplored. This project validates the significance of a mother’s role in her son’s life where, for many decades, she received little encouragement from others.

We believe mothers and sons deserve to be honored through the stories they share.

Gay Sons and Mothers collects, curates, discusses, celebrates, and preserves narratives that educate, inspire, and bring hope to audiences around the globe. Gay Sons and Mothers chronicles lived experiences of pain, joy, and persistence that inspire and provide a sense of hope.

Storytelling helps people make sense of their world and learn how others faced challenges and grew stronger as a result. Gay Sons and Mothers is honored to join a proud tradition of preserving and passing along stories that reflect the strengths and struggles related to the formation of sexual identity and sexual expression in the context of the parent-child relationship. Our stories are powerful because they are transformative, and allow audiences to experience something profound.


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Check back in at 1pm EST for an Instagram Live session between Gay Sons & Mother’s founder and CEO, Rick Miller, and TV personality, @luissandovaltv ! ...

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I am returning to Instagram Live this weekend with Luis Sandoval on Sunday at 1pm EST.
Luis Sandoval is a Mexican actor, reporter, and entertaining with a penchant for comedy. He hopes that by telling his stories he can help others realize their dreams! .
Message us any questions you have or topics you want us to discuss and tune in for the live stream tomorrow!

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“What can I say, my mom is my best friend. We grew very close when I was still a kid as my dad wasn’t very accepting of me so she was always my support system. Eventually we grew more to friends than that usual mother and son relationship. I can always count on her and she can count on me. We’re the closest in the family. Love her to pieces. Couldn’t do it without her.” 📷: @chris.schramm ...

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It was Bill’s mother’s birthday in her retirement home so he spent time with her through the window! It’s inspiring to see the creative ways people are still connecting. Stay safe! ...

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“Attending Rick’s presentation at Yale New Haven Health Services was an unexpected pleasure. I was so moved by the stories of the men and women he shared—of their love and courage—and I really came to understand the lifeline that gay sons and their moms can be for each other. In bringing the tributaries together into one expansive stream, a photographer’s eye and a natural psychological acuity are blended. Rick’s powerful multimedia portraits explore the challenges and triumphs of the individuals who are in the frame, and reveal the richly braided cord between mothers and their gay sons that exists outside of it.” (Suzi Tucker, Writer and Family Constellations Facilitator)