Gay Sons and Mothers | Highlighting the special bond between gay boys and their mothers.
Gay Sons and Mothers
The emotional relationship between gay sons and their mothers has been pathologized, idealized… and, surprisingly, largely unexplored. This project validates the significance of a mother’s role in her son’s life where, for many decades, she received little encouragement from others.

We believe mothers and sons deserve to be honored through the stories they share.

Gay Sons and Mothers collects, curates, discusses, celebrates, and preserves narratives that educate, inspire, and bring hope to audiences around the globe. Gay Sons and Mothers chronicles lived experiences of pain, joy, and persistence that inspire and provide a sense of hope.

Storytelling helps people make sense of their world and learn how others faced challenges and grew stronger as a result. Gay Sons and Mothers is honored to join a proud tradition of preserving and passing along stories that reflect the strengths and struggles related to the formation of sexual identity and sexual expression in the context of the parent-child relationship. Our stories are powerful because they are transformative, and allow audiences to experience something profound.


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Lori and Zach.
“If it was sparkly he would each for it,” says Lori. “As a conservative Mormon mom I didn’t know what to do about it. I thought he might be gay and felt like I needed to protect him a little more.” Zach: “ I never really came out, and there was no drama because I knew my mother would be supportive. My mom knew I was gay long before I did and was prepared and ready long before I even know what to do.
I have zero trauma and never had any fears. I am so lucky to be a guy from Utah with parents like this.”

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Meet Alison and her son Landon. She is on the senior leadership team for Mama Dragons and lives in Salt Lake City.
They speak about his coming out when he was 23 years old and how poignant it was. HIs twin brother Alec had died when they were both 18, which shaped Landon’s coming out and Alison’s acceptance of this. 
Landon describes how his brother was a big advocate for him (long before he came out) and for LGBTQ rights. Alison speaks about loosing him and how it empowered her to support Landon and other LGBTQ kids, wishing she had done it sooner. 
Two months after Alec died, Landon went on a mission for two years which was so painful for Alison in the midst of their grief.

Fast forward: 
Alison: “Landon is everything I ever wanted in a son!” Landon: “We can tell each other anything and everything - I am lucky to be able to share all aspects of my life with her. She is the type of mothers that loves her kids so much that she could shift her entire world view (about LGBTQ Mormon kids) and I love her for that.” #gaysonsandmothers

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Jordan speaks of his relationship with his mom Sheri.
“I just came out five weeks ago!
I’ve always felt like my mom was my best friend, she’s always wanted what’s best for me and wanted me to be happy, I know it probably sounds super cliché but I truly believe I have the best mom in the world! She loves all of her children with everything she’s got.”
Lucky Jordan! Sheri worries about him and needed reassurance from me that he will be okay in the world and treated well by others, and he will!

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Marion and her son Ford. She describes his coming out to her.
“On Sunday, January 14th, 2018 at 6:50 pm, my 16 year old son told me he was gay and that he didn’t want to be a part of our church anymore.  I don’t remember a lot, but I do remember hugging him and telling him that I loved him. I told him that we have his back and that we will walk with him on whatever path he chooses.  Then I asked him if he had anything else to share because we were hosting a party in SEVEN minutes at our home!!! He said, “no” so I hugged him one more time and quickly went into the kitchen to whip the whipping cream and cry my eyes out (yes, my punky son planned it this way!  Party = mom can’t flip out!)”
#gaysonsandmothers @myquiltdiet

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“Attending Rick’s presentation at Yale New Haven Health Services was an unexpected pleasure. I was so moved by the stories of the men and women he shared—of their love and courage—and I really came to understand the lifeline that gay sons and their moms can be for each other. In bringing the tributaries together into one expansive stream, a photographer’s eye and a natural psychological acuity are blended. Rick’s powerful multimedia portraits explore the challenges and triumphs of the individuals who are in the frame, and reveal the richly braided cord between mothers and their gay sons that exists outside of it.” (Suzi Tucker, Writer and Family Constellations Facilitator)