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Gay Sons and Mothers Leadership

Gay Sons and Mothers Board of Directors

President Jann Ronis

Jann is a college professor and executive director of the Buddhist Digital Resource Center. He has a broad-based skill set that includes research, writing, translation, public speaking, academic advising, and curricular development, and is a noted specialist in Asian religions, contemporary Asian culture and society, and historical research. Jann is passionately interested in applying insights about culture and society gained through his academic work to the endeavors of change-making organizations.

Dimitri DiMauro

Dimitri is an accountant at T.F. Allen and Company, P.C.. He has a love of technology and an infatuation with languages, though his passion for numbers has led him to pursue a career in public accounting. When Dimitri is not feeding his love of learning or passion for numbers, he enjoys traveling, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

Phyllis Aldrich
Phyllis Aldrich is an experienced educator who teaches humanities in a town just north of Boston and cares deeply about her students and her colleagues. This mother of two children enjoys every moment of time spent with them. Phyllis is an avid reader and also enjoys running and hiking. She is, in addition, the mother of a gay son and is incredibly pleased to be involved with Gay Sons and Mothers.
Roberto Abreu

Roberto is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida. His research explores ways in which marginalized communities resist systemic oppression and promote bienestar colectivo (collective well-being), with a particular focus on Latinx communities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) and gender-nonbinary individuals, and the intersection of Latinx and LGBTQ and gender nonbinary individuals and communities.

Patricia Arrendondo Gay Sons and Mothers
Patricia is a psychologist and educator focusing on cultural issues and intersecting identities. She is president of the Arredondo Advisory Group, Faculty Fellow with Fielding Graduate University, and her books reflect research interests in diversity-driven initiatives, Latinx mental health, women’s leadership, and multicultural guidelines for professional development.
Oren Sherman Gay Sons and Mothers
Kaylene is a proud mother of two gay sons who she raised in Utah. She was active in the Mormon church but left after her sons came out. She leads parent friendship circle’s and parent support groups at Encircle, a LGBTQ+ family resource center in Utah. She was on the Committee for Equality Utah Gala, and is a member of Mama Dragons, a support group for mothers with LGBTQ+ children.
Stan Kimer

Stan is long-time active lay leader within the Metropolitan Community Churches and the North Carolina Council of Churches. In addition to his ministries within the Christian community, Kimer served as IBM’s corporate global GLBT (Gay Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) diversity program manager. His company, Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer, Inc., provides consulting services and training in LGBT diversity and career road-mapping and development.

Blanca Leos

Blanca is a Latina divorced mom whose son is gay. Her life trajectory changed based on the lessons she learned from parenting a gay son: not only did she support her son, she began advocating for LGBTQ+ youth and their families in Latino communities. She has served as regional director of PFLAG Denver, on the national board for PFLAG National, and is currently the organization’s Mountain West regional director.

Lindsay Morris

Lindsay is a producer of the 2016 BBC documentary, My Transgender Summer Camp, and published her monograph, You Are You, documenting a summer camp for gender-creative children and their families in collaboration with Kehrer Verlag; her work was in two NYT magazine features You Are You and The Kids of Camp I Am. Morris works as a freelance photographer and is a regular contributor to the New York Times. She resides with her family on Long Island’s East End.

Oren Sherman Gay Sons and Mothers
Oren is a prolific and influential artist/de- signer working in brand identity, interior design, and architecture. He is a graduate and current professor of the Rhode Island School of Design, specializing in entrepre- neurship, and a senior designer at Elkus Manfredi Architecture in Boston.

Gay Sons and Mothers Advisory Board

JOSE ALFARO – Survivor/Educator about Sex Trafficking
TOBI GOLDFUS – Educator, Psychotherapist, Author
ANNIE GARCIA KAPLAN – Development Officer Yale New Haven Health Services
JOHN MCDONALD – Producer, Director and Community Theatre Founder.
JOHN O’NEIL – Performer and Director
JIM PETOSA – Theatre Artist, and Director of the School of Theatre at Boston University
SUSAN PINCO, PhD – Educator and Psychotherapist
KELLY RIPPON – Author and Olympic Parent
PAULA VOGEL – Playwright
JANE WOLFE – Marketing, Media Relations, and Communications at SLC Management

Gay Sons and Mothers Honorary Board Member

SUSAN LOEBL – activist, mother, author (The Mothers’ Group of Loss, Love, and AIDS)