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Gay Sons and Mothers History


Our understanding of gender identity and gender expression has evolved. Today, gay sons and their mothers have different models and resources for navigating the formation of sexual identity and expression than did the generations before them.

Our history as individuals in families, communities, and cultures is an intrinsic part of who we are. Hearing snippets of our history doesn’t allow us to grasp the whole picture, so Gay Sons and Mothers has created a timeline showing the progression of gay rights in America focusing on the interactions between mothers and sons throughout each era.

Gay Sons and Mothers History Programs
Gay Sons and Mothers History Programs

Our timeline and accompanying photographs and videos celebrate the strength and courage of mothers and their gay sons whose love often had to transcend fear and hatred around them.

“Rick Miller’s presentation, Gay Sons and Mothers, was an emotionally moving
 tribute to the special bonds that are formed between gay sons and their
 mothers. The entire audience was captivated by the tenderness and strength 
that was portrayed by the participants, as well as their struggles with 
loss and closeness.” (Christine McCarthy, CEO, Provincetown Art Association and Museum)