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Gay Sons and Mothers Education Programs


Gay Sons and Mothers provides education through a variety of formats. We give talks, conduct workshops, and have small group encounters where we share collected stories along with Rick’s research. These events provide an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences, learn from others in the group and in the videos, as well as providing inspiration and empowerment. We are grateful to the sons and mothers who have shared their stories with us and given us permission to share those stories with others. 

Rick has shared these stories with medical communities, at young people’s events, with artists’ associations, and with professional organizations and workplaces. The presentation content and length is tailored to the specific audience, with question-and-answer and discussion segments available.

As part of Gay Sons and Mothers, Rick spearheads a number of projects: collecting and recording stories, conducting retreats for gay men and their mothers (both separately and together), and managing a speaker’s bureau that works with diverse cultural and ethnic groups.

Through participation in our engaging presentations…

Mothers will:

  • be inspired and encouraged to embrace their gay sons
  • feel supported and develop the courage for taking the risky stance of supporting their sons in family and community contexts
  • learn their instincts in raising their sons are validated by others and on target with other mothers

Sons will:

  • recognize the importance of their mothers’ support despite the complexities of the relationship
  • find ways to recognize the various ways their mothers’ presence has been influential
  • learn to access resiliency even while experiencing disappointment

Families will:

  • value the important bond between gay son and his mother
  • learn how their culture has presented a challenge for the gay son or his mother to take a stance differing from that of other family members, friends, and colleagues
  • advocate for their gay family member and support him in new ways

Workplaces will:

  • welcome and promote a climate of acceptance and respect of differing sexual identities
  • take a stance to advocate and educate peers about accepting their LGBTQ++ colleagues
  • work at eradicating discriminatory practices in the workplace and in the community

Healthcare providers will:

  • learn about micro-aggressions and what to say (and what not to say) to LGBTQ++ clients, supervisees, or co-workers
  • embrace diversity by creating a safe and inclusive work environment
  • develop sensitive and acceptable ways of speaking to clients or co-workers

To learn more about our educational outreach or to schedule a presentation, click here.

“Rick Miller gave an amazing presentation, Gay Sons and Their Mothers: The Path Leading Home. It was truly a session of learning and healing, we can’t thank Rick enough for this spectacular presentation! His talk rated the highest score of any of our speakers. His work needs to be heard all over the world!” (Lisette Martinez Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Yale New Haven Health System)